2002 BMW 330I 4DR SEDAN

Battery                               RED/GRN +                                         (+)            OR RED/BLU IGNITION HARNESS Ignition                              GRN                                                     (+)           IGN HARNESS   GRN     ALARM PLUG
Starter01                           BLK/BLU +                                           (+)           IGN HARNESS   GRN/BLK ALARM PLUG AllDoorTrigger                   RED/BLU                                              (-)            GENERAL MODULE BEHIND GLOVE BOX FrontLeftDoorTrigger                                                                                     (THIS WIRE DIMS) TrunkTrigger                     WHT/BRN -                                          (-)            DRIVERS KICK HoodTrigger                      PPR/GRN                                             -              GENERAL MODULE BEHIND GLOVE BOX FactoryAlarmDisarm                                                                                      DISARMS WITH UNLOCK FactoryAlarmArm                                                                                          ARMS WITH LOCK WIRE
ParkingLights                    REMOVE SWITCH                              (+)           4TH WIRE FROM LEFT ON RIBBON CABLE *NOTE
Remote Start
Battery                               RED/GRN +                                         (+)            OR RED/BLU IGNITION HARNESS Ignition                              GRN                                                     (+)           IGN HARNESS   GRN     ALARM PLUG Ignition02                          VIO +                                                    (+)           OR VIO/WHT IGNITION HARNESS Accessory01                     VIO +                                                    (+)           IGN HARNESS OR VIO/WHT ALARM PLUG Accessory02                                                                                   +
Starter01                           BLK/BLU +                                           (+)           IGN HARNESS   GRN/BLK ALARM PLUG AntiTheftType                    RF ACTIVATED SYS. AntiTheftSystem                EWS II KeySense                          RED +                                                  (-)            IGNITION HARNESS Tach                                  BLK AC                                                (-)            DIA. PLUG PASS SIDE OF ENG ROUND BLK PLU SpeedSense                     WHT/BLU AC                                       (AC)        SPEEDOMETER,BACK OF INS.CLUSTER 
ParkingLights                    REMOVE SWITCH                              (+)           4TH WIRE FROM LEFT ON RIBBON CABLE *NOTE BrakeLights                       BRN/WHT +                                         (+)           SWITCH ABOVE BRAKE PEDAL 
ReverseLights                   BLU/RED +                                          (+)           DKP IN HARNESS TO BACK OF VEHICLE
Horn                                  BRN/YEL -                                                           STEERING COLUMN
Doorlocks / Window
PowerUnLock                    BLU/RED -                                           (-)            PIN 22 THIS WILL DISARM ALARM DOUBLE PUL PowerLock                        WHT/BLK -                                           (-)            PIN 20 OF MODULE BEHIND GLOVE BOX:WHT BO LeftFrontWindow01           BLK/RED                                              REV LeftFrontWindow02           YEL/BLU                                              REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR RightFrontWindow01        BLK/GRN                                             REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR RightFrontWindow02        WHT                                                     REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR LeftRearWindow01           YEL/BLK                                               REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR LeftRearWindow02           YEL                                                      REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR RightRearWindow01         WHT/BLK                                             REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR RightRearWindow02         GRN/YEL                                             REV        AT SWITCH IN DR.DOOR
Doorlocks / Windows Power UnLock                                                                                                                  
Doorlocks / Windows Power UnLock REQUIRES DOUBLE PULSE
HeadLights                        YEL +                                                   (+)           HEADLIGHT SWITCH LowSpeedWipers              BLK/GRY -                                           (-)            OR BLK/BLU STEERING COLUMN TrunkRelease                    GRY/RED -                                           (-)            AT SWITCH IN DASH
Mobile Audio / Video
Battery                               RED/GRN +                                         (+)            OR RED/BLU IGNITION HARNESS Accessory01                     VIO +                                                    (+)           IGN HARNESS OR VIO/WHT ALARM PLUG Ground                              BRN -                                                   (-)            RADIO HARNESS PowerAntenna                  WHT                                                     (+)           RADIO HARNESS FrontLeftSpeakerPos        YEL/RED FrontLeftSpeakerNeg        BRN/ORG FrontRightSpeakerPos      BLK/RED FrontRightSpeakerNeg     BROWN/ORANGE RearLeftSpeakerPos         YEL/BLK RearLeftSpeakerNeg        BLK/ORG RearRightSpeakerPos      BLU/BLK RearRightSpeakerNeg      BRN/ORG
Control Modules

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